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Tejes Law is a Florida law firm serving clients in Central Florida. We focus on providing excellent customer service to our clients and practice primarily in Chapter 7 bankruptcies, Chapter 13 bankruptcies, Probate, Debt Defense, Civil Litigation, Estates and Trusts.

We understand that legal problems can provide some of the hardest times that a person can face. Our knowledgeable and compassionate team would love to assist you in finding a solution to your legal issue whether you are looking to resolve a loved one’s estate through a probate or if you are buried under a mountain of debt. Josh Tejes has practiced in the areas of civil litigation and bankruptcy since 2008, representing both consumers and creditors in hundreds of bankruptcies and civil lawsuits ranging from small claims lawsuits to multi-million dollar estates. Tejes Law serves clients in Brevard County, Orange County, Osceola County, Lake County, Polk County, Seminole County, and Volusia County.

No, nothing in the bankruptcy code requires both spouses to file together. This is helpful for couples that have separate debt or when one spouse has an excellent credit score.
The bankruptcy discharge is an injunction issued by the bankruptcy court that forbids creditors from taking any act to collect on the discharged debt. The injunction allows the debtor to seek damages from the bankruptcy court for any violation of its order which is what gives the bankruptcy court power.
Creditors are required to stop all collections activity as soon as the case is filed.
It depends. Short term, a bankruptcy filing will hurt a filer’s credit score. However, the bankruptcy discharge will force the discharged creditors to stop negatively reporting to the credit bureaus which will allow positive trade lines on the credit report to improve the credit score.
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