Planning an Estate for an Unmarried Couple’s Assets and Property

As a result of widowhood or divorce, a greater number of older Americans are forming new partnerships. The US Census Bureau reports that more than half of all older adults have only married once, opting to stay legally single in their future relationships. Cohabitating
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What Documents Are Required for a Florida Medicaid Application?

Medicaid applicants must prove that they have limited income and assets in order to be eligible for long-term care benefits. Before beginning the application process, it is helpful to understand what is required prove your eligibility. 

Medicaid Planning: Why Hiring an Lawyer is Essential to Maximize Savings

Is hiring a lawyer essential to maximize savings for straightforward Medicaid planning? Depending on individual circumstances, the smartest course of action would generally be a resounding “yes.” The healthcare coordinator at your mother’s elder care facility certainly possesses extensive knowledge about the
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A Lifeboat in the Storm: How Bankruptcy Can Kill Debt Collection Lawsuits

Feeling knee-deep in a financial tempest, threatened by debt collection lawsuits, is a struggle many individuals and businesses know all too well. It can feel like navigating stormy waters without a lifeboat. Yet, there’s hope to be found in an often overlooked
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